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Electric driving

In the Netherlands there are currently 8 million registered vehicles, of which 630.000 are business drivers. It is expected that by the end of 2020 some 200.000 full electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid cars will be on the road. In the mobility sector, more than 70 billion euros are converted every year. This development is driven by the popularity of the smaller, more fuel-efficient car and the subsidy scheme that applies to it. Electric driving is a sustainable mobility that is an upward trend. This will play a major role in more and more industries.

Development of electric mobility

Electric driving has been around since 1893, but has only really broken through in 2008. At the moment the amount of electric cars is growing exponentially.

Elektrisch rijden EV Company

The range of a full electric vehicle is relatively limited. In order to ensure that the maximim is archieved from the electric car, offering electric charging solutions at work is an ideal way. Because the average living distance in the Netherlands is relatively small, the Netherlands plays a pioneering role in the study of electric mobility.



Benefits of electric driving

In the Netherlands almost a quarter of the total CO2 emissions are caused by transport. Driving electrically reduces harmful particulate matter and CO2 emissions, thereby contributing to a better climate. Electric cars also reduce the noise pollution of traffic and ensure cleaner cities. The most important feature of an electric car is the silent electric motor. Electric cars make almost no noise when they drive. There are also no vibrations to be observed: an electric motor has few moving parts that cause mutual friction or vibrations. The acceleration goes in a smooth line.

There are also financial advantages to electric driving. The kilometer price of a fuel car is two to three times as expensice as an electric car. In addition to the consumption costs of electricity, electric cars are also cheaper to maintain than cars with a combustion engine.

From the government, the use of electric cars is stimulated by offering grants. With the MIA and VAMIL schemes, electric driving is also interesting for the wallet.

The electric car also has advantages in terms of ease of use. Where a car with a combustion engine needs a mechanism that lowers the number of revolutions, this is not necessary for an electric motor. Electric motors can easily run at very high speeds, without the noise increasing, or vibrations arise. That is why electric cars do not have a gearbox, tachometer of clutch pedal. This makes electric driving very smooth.

In addition, you can pair the EV with your smartphone to regulate the heating, see how far the car is charged, or where the car is parked.

Electric cars are the forefront when it comes to innovative techniques. An electric car can be controlled more reliably and cheaper (software). Think of techniques such as ‘lane assist’ (tracking the right lane), blind spot monitoring, and a safe distance from your predecessor on the road.

Corporate Social Responsibility

With electric transport, the business market can show that work is being done on the internal CO2 targets, it also provides a cost saving. This contributes to the image of a company and the CSR objectives. With electrical transport, there is a solution to the challenge that MVO Nederland presents: The pressure on mobility and the demand for flexible working are increasing. Mobility has a significant share in the environmental impact and that will only increase in the coming years. The same applies to fuel rices. Companies that want to go further with CSR are therefore faced with the challenge: how do we keep the Netherlands business mobile, without this having a negative effect on costs, travel time and the environment? (source: MVO the Netherlands)

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