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Electric cars are vehicles powered by an electric motor. While this development is often seen as modern and ingenious, the EV actually was there before the fuel engine. Read more about this under the header: History of the electric car.

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Elektrische auto 19de eeuwHistory of electric vehicles

The first electric cars where scale models, made by the Dutchman Sibrandus Stratingh. He based his models on the calculations of Michael Faraday, pioneer in the field of electricity.

At the end of the 19th century the electric motor was competing with the fuel powered engines. The big problem back then with EV’s was the energy density of rechargable batteries. This was about 80 to 300 times smaller then the petrol or diesel equivalent. This is why the electric cars where equipped with heavy internal batteries making them super heavy and extremely limited in range and speed.

During the Second World War and in the Seventies the electric car became relevant again because of heavy oil shortages, although sustainable concepts did not really got developed or got any traction commercially.

Back in the 90’s the electric car got a new revival. Big names like Ford and GM developed EV’s. The American program ‘zero emission vehicles’ presented a plan to make the American roads emission free. While back then the plan did not really materialize and the developed EV’s got destroyed, it did form the basis of the sustainable trend we see today.
Since 2008 the electric automobility made a huge leap forward. With the introduction of the Tesla Roadster and EV projects from Toyota and Honda the electric car got a new distinction. Nowadays alsmost every brand features an electric model in their portfolio. The availble choices for driving EV are pretty extensive now in 2018.

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