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Features FILLIE

  • Suitable for power supply through the facade
  • Premium chargingsolution
  • Available in multiple colour schemes
  • Extremely stylish design
  • Sustainable and strong high quality materials

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With the design we had a concept for a slim and elegant size. That was a challenge, because if you put all the components of FILLIE together, you would soon get a big, cumbersome cabinet on the wall. The components had to be smaller, without quality loss, of course.

In addition, we moved parts to the meter cupboard: a major breakthrough! After all, ther is enough space in the meter cupboard. The components are also well protected from the weather. In addition, it is more practical to install in the meter cupboard, and in the event of any inconvenience, a technician does not have to completely disassemble the FILLION (on the driveway).

By using strong lightweight materials and keeping the electronics as small as possible, the final size of the CORE is reduced to 55.5 x 13.1 x 10.6 cm, weighing only 7.6 kg. Without compromising on quality! The frame of the wall model weighs 2.4 kg.

To achieve all this, FILLIE has chosen to design and develop all components itself. From software to hardware, FILLIE now consists entirely of tailor-made solutions. This makes FILLIE state-of-the-art in the field of design and technology.

Red Dot Design Award Winner

FILLIE has been developed from a design point of view. The starting point is a jewel for your home. We are therefore extremely satisfied with the international recognition we have received from the Red Dot organization. FILLIE is the winner in the category ‘Product Design 2016’. Where we were already convinced of the beauty of FILLIE, it is now an international fact.


The look of FILLIE is timeless and minimalistic. Minimalist means fewer parts. To achieve this, we seamlessly integrated the power strip, the push button and the LED indicator light. Instead of three separate objects, they now form one beautiful composition together.

We also paid a lot of attention to the thickness of the cover of the wall socket. Instead of bulky-looking standard plastic sockets, we have developed a thin aluminum alternative. The height of the wall socket exactly matches the height of the raised edge of the housing.


The components in FILLIE are all certified and comply with all relevant European directives and standards.



Specificaties Fillie

Number of sockets 1
chargingcurrent per socket 3,7kW (16A, 230V)
 7,4kW (32A, 230V)
 11kW (16A, 400V)
 22kW (32A, 400V)
Charging mode Mode 3, Z.E. Ready 1.2
Attached cable Type 1 or 2
Socket type 1x EV-Plug, Type 2
Autorisation Plug & Charge
Statusinformation Separate symbols with LED
Communication GPRS, UMTS
Protectionclass IP54
Housing Aluminium
Dimensions in mm 330 x 200 x 120
Mounting Wall mounted or pole mounted
Standard colour RAL 9016


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