Zappi charger

600,00 excl. BTW

  • 3 laad modi (Fast, Eco en Eco+)
  • Variable charging between 6A and 32A
  • Built-in RCD for grounding leakage protection
  • Energy data storage
  • 5 meters or 8 meters of cable (32A certified)
  • Type 1 or Type 2 connector
  • Adjustable maximum flow limit

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Zappi is the new meaning of smart charging. It is designed so that you can choose how much use is made of your own electricity production. Here distinguishes Zappi itself from other charging stations.

The Zappi has an integrated kWh meter that can be read on the screen. You have the option to read the loaded kWh per day, per week, per year or in total and the meter can not be reset. This is ideal for settling the electricity costs with your employer.

Smart Charging

During loading, Zappi loads as much as possible with its own energy and tries to draw as little power out of the power as possible. This makes the Zappi environmentally conscious and green charging station. You can now decide for yourself how fast your electric car needs to charge. With this charging station you can make maximum use of your own electric production. He has three different programs:

  1. Fully charged without using the power net in the ECO + mode; here charging is paused when the self-generated energy is too low (for example with clouds). You can choose the percentage of green loading yourself.
  2. Loading in smart mode with as much use of own energy as possible; this is the ECO mode. When your own energy is low, energy is generated from the power grid. This is never lower than 1.4kW.
  3. Fast loading like with any other charging station; charge at maximum power. Here too, electricity is being recharged from the power grid when its own power is low. The maximum capacity is 7kW, this depends on which car you drive and which connection (16A or 32A) you have.


The Harvi is a small device that can intelligently communicate with the Zappi, for which you do not need a wired CT-clamp sensor. Instead, the Harvi is connected to a CT terminal, in this way the Zappi can measure the mains current or the own produced current (by means of solar panels or wind turbine).


By means of this Clamp Terminal (CT clamp) the Zappi can take measurements for the consumption of the house or the yield of your own system (solar panels or wind turbine).

When ordering a Zappi standard 1 CT clamp is delivered, with an extra CT clamp you can measure your own yields of your solar panels on CT2, this can be read on your display.

If you want to measure 3-phase, you must use 3 CT clamps in combination with the Harvi. This is with a surcharge of €90 excl. VAT.


This charging station is made in such a way that it can be freely programmed, you can indicate with timers when charging is allowed (this is for example with off-peak rates). So you can use the lowest prices without thinking. He also has load balancing. This means that it takes into account your maximum capacity, your main fuse and other consumers on the group (eg hob or washing machine). This allows you to load at maximum power without having to worry. He self-regulates the strength and ensures that all devices continue to work in the house. It also has an integrated kWh meter so that you can read the kWh at any time. This shows that Zappi is a smart charging station on several fronts.

Examples of cars that have a Type 2 Mennekes connection are: Jaguar I-PACEHyundai IoniqHyundai KonaNissan Leaf 2.0Volvo V60 Plug-In HybridTesla Model SRenault ZoeSmart Electric DriveTesla Model XAudi A3 e-tronMercedes C-klassePorsche PanameraVolkswagen Golf GTEVolkswagen E-GolfVolkswagen Passat Plug-in HybridVolvo XC90 T8 plug-in hybrid en de BMW i3 en de BMW i8.

For more information about this smart charging station you can contact us or ask for a free quotation. For more videos of Zappi you click here.

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Smart charging


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