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De Parelvisserslaan 1
1183 RH Amstelveen

+31(0)20 261 4634
Ma-vr: 09:00 – 18:00

Exploitation chargers

Invest, manage and operate charging points

Due to the high investment in loading facilities, we offer the possibility to completely unburden customers. We deliver, install, manage and operate the charging points. This offers you the loading options for your employees or visitors. A charging point is increasingly seen as an extra service for customers and visitors. 94% of electric drivers prefer companies with a charging station. Locations such as hotels, restaurants, catering establishments and / or shops are well equipped to serve customers with a charging option.

  • No investment costs
  • We manage and settle the electricity costs with the users
  • You receive the electricity costs of all loading sessions monthly credited
  • Suitable for offices, collection buildings, restaurants, hotels, parking garages, sports clubs, etc.
  • Insight into loading sessions via the back office
  • Positive effect charging points; sustainable company appearance, extra service to visitors

Exploitatie oplaadpuntenPlease contact us via +31 (0) 20 2614634 or by mail at

No investment

EV Company offers the possibility for owners or managers of semi-public or public parking places to use charging points. We install, manage and operate one or more charging stations free of charge on a contractual basis.

Financing in charging infrastructure?

Avoid the large investment in a charging station or complete loading park and we will provide financing for your charging infrastructure. We offer you the option of a total loading solution for one fixed amount per month.

  • For a duration of 2 to 10 years
  • Pay one fixed amount per month
  • Incl. service and maintenance.
Very suitable if you do not want to make a big investment in one go.
You also have the option of adding an unlimited number of additional connections, without burdening the network.
You can also earn back your investment by settling transactions. With a starting rate and a kWh rate on the electricity consumption you can generate turnover from your charging station, this of course depends on the number of transactions that take place.
Are you interested in financing your charging infrastructure and do you want to know what your break-even point is to cost-neutral this investment? Please contact us via +31 (0) 20 2614634 or by mail at

Calculate energy costs

The charging stations are connected to the energy connection of the location. We unburden the settlement of these electricity costs to the users by means of a charge card. Every month there is a settlement with the users and you receive the energy costs back.

Charging infrastructure

With a loading facility at your business location, it falls directly within the applications that drivers use to search for charging stations. Online charging stations can be seen in various search engines, which makes this a new way to attract guests. The attention for ecological impact within the catering sector is considerable and a charging station confirms the sustainable initiatives.

We determine the suitable location of the charging stations, close to the entrance and possibly indicated with a special parking sign.

We install charging stations that are suitable for every car. Different cars also use different charging cables. For companies, it is therefore the most common solution to opt for a charging station without a fixed cable. This makes your charging station available for every type of electric car.

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