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Charging electric vehicle

An charging point is required for charging an electric vehicle. There are various capabilities, depending on the type of car. Charging electric vehicle? This can be done via the normal home socket, but also by means of a charging station or wall box. There are also fast chargers that are mainly located at petrol stations along motorways.

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With the ‘Laadpaal App’ you can easily find electric charging points in your area. You can start the transaction direcly with a QR-code. Available in the App Store and Play Store.


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Charging electric vehicle

Opladen elektrische auto

There are various possibilities to charge your electric car at any time. Both at home and on the road. EV Company offers a suitable loading facility for every situation.

The costs of charging depend on the amount of electricity used and the tariff used. Depending on the type of car and with that the size of the battery can be charged between 6kW and 12kW in a Plug-in Hybrid car. The electricity tariff depends on the location, the provider and the way in which it is refueled.

The business flow rate is approximately €0,12 per kWh and the public charging tariff is approximately €0,25 per kWh. Fast charging costs between €0,40 per kWh and €0,69 per kWh.

The rate of the different provider is similar to the rate of your home network. The provider calculates transaction costs per charge, depending on the type of charging session (regular or fast). Public charging costs approximalety €0,35 (including VAT) per charge, with a maximum of €7,00 per month. For international public charging, the transaction costs are approximately €0,60 (including VAT) per charge.

If you want to load publicly cheaper, request our EV charge card, no subscription fees, free charge card and the lowest traqnsaction costs of 10 cents per charge.EV Laadpas







Load safe public

On the road and in your neighbourhood you charge your electric car to one of the public charging stations that are located  throughout the Netherlands. You park your car next to the charging station and with the charging cable you connect your car to the charging point. With your charge card you activate and stop the charging point.

Easy home charging

To charge your electric car at home a charging station or wall box can be installed. This works the same as the public charging station, only your charging station at home uses your own power network. More information about placing a charging station can be found on

Charging at workOpladen - laadpalen

To make optimum use of your electric vehicle, a loading facility at your workplace is crucial. A wide range of possibilities are conceivable for offering employees and visitors charging solutions.


Fast charging

How fast you can charge with your electric car depends on the type of charging point and how empty the battery is. As a rule, the principle is the higher the number of kilowatts of the charging point, the faster your battery is full. The charging time of most public charging stations is 6 to 8 hours of charge your car from 1 to 100 percent. A fast charger can speed up this process to a charging time of 15 to 30 minutes for 80% charging.

Average charging time Plug-in Hybrid (vehicle dependent)
Ampere 230V 400V Loading time Loading time
1-phase 3-phase 1-phase 3-phase
10A 2,3 kW 8-9 hours
16A 3,7 kW 11,0 kW 5-6 hours 2-3 hours
20A 4,6 kW 13,8 kW 4-5 hours 1-2 hours
32A 7,4 KW 22,0 kW 2-3 hours 1 hour
63A 14,5 kW 43,5 kW 1-2 hours 45 minutes


To be advised in the possibilities, please contact us via +31(0)20 2614634 or by mail


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