Ratio Chargepoint

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  • Adjustable charging current
  • Quality product from Ratio
  • Maximum load 16A or 32A
  • Available with cable type 2 Tesla button
  • Waterresistant IP65
  • On/off switch with backlight

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Ratio Chargepoint

A Ratio chargepoint is available with socket or attached cable. With an attached cable on the chargepoint you can leave the normal chargecable in the trunk. You only have to connect the attached cable to the car to start a chargesession.

The charger from Ratio is suitable for home or office use. Reembursment of electricity costs should be done manualy, there is a kWh meter onboard which can be checked. This chargingstation is  Plug & Charge, which means it activates when a connector is introduced.

Ratio has a quality label, the green PUR cable is very suitable for outside use and resistant against oils, chemical and water. Halogen free and low smoke. Flexible at low temperaturs and has a KEMA label.

Suitable for every electric or hybrid vehicle with the use of a chargecable.

Technical data
Type 2 Outlet Socket
Mode 3 PWM Communication module
Black / Grey Polycarbonate housing IP65
Charging current adjustable: 6, 10 and 16 Amps  with a button
LED lighting while charging

  • Housing of impact resistant plastic for use indoor or outdoor. (IP65)
  • Communication module according to IEC 61851.
  • ELCB type A (30mA), overcurrent protection and earth leakage control
  • Fixed chargingcable with type 2 connector.
  • Chargingcable available straight or spiral
  • Optional kWh meter and/or timeswitch
  • Variants in 16A and 32A 230V(single phase), 16A and 32A 400V (three phase).
  • 3- phase chargers can also be fitted with ELCB type B optionally
  • 3 year carry-in warranty

Dimensions Ratio Chargepoint

With: 250 mm
Hight: 400 mm
Depth: 100 mm
Powerbox: Indoor/outdoor setup

Power chargingstation:
Connection voltage: 230V 1-phase, 16A minimal
ELM: 16 A, 30 mA
ELCB: does not apply
Protectionlabel(IP): IP65
Accescontrol: none (freely accessible), Plug & Charge
Installer: 16A, 1p+N (C)
Colour: Black
Charging Current 16Amp (normal): 16
Length attached cable: 4 m
Housing material: Amaplast
With energymeter : Optional kWh
Mounting: wall or pole
Nom. connectionpower: 3,5 kW
Norm: IEC 61851
Application: House/ Garage / office
Type socket: Type2
Type connector: Type 2 / Type 1

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