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Strategy and car policy

Services, advice, strategy & policy

Electric cars and plug-in hybrids are often used because of the tax benefits for the employee, but with the right allocation criteria in your car scheme you avoid unforeseen costs. Our innovative products give electric cars the freedom to drive. In addition, we are happy to think along with you to successfully implement electric mobility in your organization, we are pleased to offer these services to you. Your business strategy and associated objectives in the area of CSR, cost savings, personnel policy and car regulation are the guiding principles for the implementation of electric mobility. EV Company likes to think along with you for a strategic policy around the electric car in your organization.

One of our services is an independent advice on the successful implementation of EV & PHEV in your organization.

  • Strategy
  • Car control
  • Implementation
  • Evaluation

In order to have a grip on the consumption costs and thus the Total Cost of Ownership, optimum use must be made of the loading options. In addition to all the tax advantages of the electric car, it is important to apply the correct allocation criteria so that maximum use can be made of the electric kilometers.

The employee has a big influence on the costs:

  • Is sufficient electric driving?
  • To what extent are the charging locations made available by the employer used?
  • Is it loaded and refueled at discounted locations?



Communication is essential, this stimulates the desired use. This also contributes to CSR objectives and cost savings. Sharing information is positive, especially if the approach to the savings potential is communicated as an internal competition between the drivers.

Smart management of electric cars promotes your business strategy:

  • CSR / Imago (Co2 performance ladder)
  • Attractive employer: wide choice and favorable tax climate

These considerations and goals determine the basis for the car scheme, the agreements between employer and employees regarding vehicle choice and car use.

The successful implementation of electric vehicles in your fleet requires knowledge and experience. EV Company gladly advises the organization. With our strategy and car policy, we are happy to think along with you on a sustainable basis!

Electric cars must become part of the organizational strategy to create support for steering and monitoring of operating costs. After all, a successful implementation must be accompanied by:

  • The CSR objectives and the Co2 performance ladder (Carbon Footprint)
  • Appropriate award criteria to drive electrically in your car policy
  • The conditions for loading facilities at work and in private
  • Implementation in the current car policy (the car scheme)

Do you want to successfully integrate electric mobility into your organization, its strategy, objectives and the car policy?

Strategy and car policy in 10 step-by-step plan:

  1. Electric mobility as part of the organizational strategy (creating support for steering and monitoring)
  2. Determine the driving profile with the award criteria to qualify for an electric or plug-in hybrid car
  3. Conditions for loading facilities (work / private)
  4. A realistic consumption standard per brand / type
  5. Drivers are responsible for fuel costs above the norm
  6. Facilitate the right to replacement transport, driving training and a loading facility at home
  7. Monitor and benchmark the actual consumption and operating costs
  8. Inform and share consumption performance and warn about surplus
  9. Reward good presentations and make it fun through an internal competition
  10. Evaluate the policy and adjust as necessary

If you would like to inform your employees or your target group about the developments in the area of electric mobility and the applicability in organizations, we would like to present a workshop with subjects that are relevant to those involved: “the World of Electric Mobility”.

Do you have any questions or would you like information about the possibilities to organize a workshop on location or at our office. Please contact us via +31 (0) 20 2614634 or by mail at

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