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Grants electric cars

Electric driving has a number of tax advantages, not only grants on the purchase or lease of the vehicle, but also on the charging station, the charging cable and the installation of the charging station are eligible for the EID scheme (Environment Investment Deduction).

You not only save fuel, but you also benefit from tax benefits and grants. The benefits start with the exempt tax on the purchase of the car, the so-call BPM. In addition, there is exemption from the motor vehicle tax or holder tax. For business drivers per year who drive more than 500 kilometer privately, the addition is 4%. When purchasing an electric car and charging station, you can claim the MIA and VAMIL regulation.



The tax on the purchase of the car is exempted up to and including 2017. The Dutch government gives grants on purchase of electric vehicles.

MRB or holding tax

The motor vehicle tax or holding tax does not have to be paid for electric cars and Plug-in Hybrids that have less than 50 grams of CO2 emissions.


Business lease drivers who drive more than 500 private kilometers per year pay addition. The addition of full electric cars is 4% on the tax value.

Year Full electric Others
2017 4% 22%
2018 4% 22%
2019 4% 22%
2020 4% 22%



EV Company advises your municipality or province about the possibilities they offer in the field of grants for the purchase of electric cars or charging points. Local or regional grants.

MIA and Vamil

Charging stations can also be purchased tax-advantageously with the Environmental Investment Allowance (EIA (MIA) and the Random Depreciation of Environment Investments (RDEI (Vamil). Charging stations can be mentioned under the code F3720 charging point for electric vehicles or vessels. A notification must have a minimum investment of €2.500,-.

The regulation applies from the date when to obligation is entered into, so from the moment of signing the tender. Keep in mind that you have 3 months for an application of the MIA scheme.

Have you already registered your car, but do you want to include it in the MIA scheme? Then you must also report the charge point within 3 months under the MIA.

Would you like more information about the tax benefits or grants that apply to you?

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